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*Website that is needed is provided* - just copy and paste

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*Website that is needed is provided* - just copy and paste;filename=FASB-Student_Instructions.pdf&Expires=1504984187&Signature=h2pPMb05XAs7WLck8vGGsX0iwlHZ18ylcfTW8tOC3~93ckjCbb~MgNI7-v8oeofyE4Sz8cV5nBNJioqEfeLUos8TbiTXorLqZ0qqroMrd9xvqG8wOwnkgAdkDSzShnyH3CXkQcdD3uMRgvwBA81qxQsiqSRDlpdqMyh1fJkgMUY_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJGHAFQEY6NSGTAWA Analyze the financial statements and audit report of a not-for-profit organization readily and publically available on an active website. Address the following: -Evaluate how the selected not-for-profit's financial statements conform to Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidance in Statement No. 117, Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations. -Compare the organization's reporting of pledges and contributions to its reporting of exchange transactions. How should they be recorded and subsequently reported in the financial statements. -Explain the impact if your not-for-profit confers excess economic benefits on disqualified persons.

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