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WEB 437 Week 1 Individual Assignment E-Commerce Website Evaluation and Recommendation


Presentation Instructions: Select a Business to Business (B2B) and a Business to Consumer (B2C) website. Obtain faculty approval for the websites you choose. Compare each website and identify what makes it a B2B or a B2C site. Create a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that illustrates what makes the website a B2B and/or a B2C site. Include speaker's notes and voice annotation. Use visuals to enhance your presentation. Submit your PowerPoint® presentation to the Assignment Files tab.




WEB 437 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Part 1: E- Business Idea and Executive Summary



Instructions: Brainstorm ideas for e-commerce businesses. Select a business that seems the most viable. Using the information about executive summaries on the textbook companion website write a 1- to 2-page executive summary. Format your summary according to APA guidelines Submit your summary to the Assignment Files tab.



WEB 437 Week 2 Individual Assignment E-Commerce Enhancements


Instructions: Create a prototype using PowerPoint® or another drawing tool of your choice that exhibits improved functionality for either of the two ecommerce sites you selected in Week One. Provide a 2-page justification of the improvements shown in your prototype. Format your paper according to APA guidelines. Submit your prototype and justification discussion to the Assignment Files tab.




WEB 437 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Part 2: Project Planning


Instructions: Based on your e-commerce idea developed for Part 1 of this assignment develop a detailed project plan that includes appropriate tasks, subtasks (include duration, start, finish, predecessors, and resources for each) for the following activities:   

  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • Development of technology platform, to include identification of website host requirements, software development and implementation, and security analysis and implementation
  • Marketing analysis, to include identification of target markets, and development and use of data analytics Format your plan according to APA guidelines. Submit your plan to the Assignment Files tab.



WEB 437 Week 3 Individual Assignment Analytics


Instructions: Search the internet for information on the following topics:   

  • Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals
  • E-Commerce Analytics Prepare a 5- to 7-slide presentation recommending e-commerce and mobile analytics for the website prototyped in Week Two. Include speaker's notes and voice annotation. Format your presentation according to APA guidelines. Submit your presentation to the Assignment Files tab.



WEB 437 Week 4 Individual Assignment Security Plan

Instructions: Review Figure 5.12, "Developing an E-Commerce Security Plan" in Ch. 5, "E-Commerce Security and Payment Systems" of E-commerce 2015. Create a detailed outline for a security plan for the e-commerce website you prototyped in Week Two. Include at least five subtasks for each of the five major tasks/steps listed in the figure. Provide a description of the security risks most likely to be encountered. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.


WEB 437 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment E-Business Plan


Instructions: Complete the E-Business Plan Presentation you began in Week Four. Compress the files into a ZIP file that compose the E-Business Plan: Part 1 Executive Summary, Part 2: Project Plan, and Part 3: PowerPoint® Presentation. Submit your ZIP file to the Assignment Files tab.


WEB 437 Week 5 Individual Assignment Marketing Promotion


Instructions: Use a drawing program or Microsoft® PowerPoint® to develop the following one-screen or one-image mock-ups for the e-commerce product or service your team has been working on since Week One:  

  1. Pop-up advertisement for the Internet
  2. Advertisement for a traditional newspaper
  3. Advertisement for Facebook Include a 1-page paper that discusses the differences between the three types of advertising. Submit your three mock-ups and paper to the Assignment Files tab.


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