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WEB 436 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Criteria Spreadsheet

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WEB 436 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Criteria Spreadsheet


Instructions: Use a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet to create an evaluative set of criteria to assess the functionality and usability of an e-commerce website. Your team will use this in Week Three to assess each team member's week three individual assignment.   

  • At least six criteria must be listed. The criteria must be listed in column A. Carefully review the requirements for the weeks one through three individual assignments.
  • Designate a column for each team member, such as B, C, and so forth.
•  A rating scale of 0 to 10 will be used, with 0 indicating that the ecommerce website does not meet the criteria and 10 indicating that the e-commerce website fully meets the criteria. Submit the spreadsheet assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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