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WEB 436 All Individual Assignment

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WEB 436 Week 1 Individual Assignment E-commerce Website
Use Dreamweaver® CC® to create a 3-screen website that can be used to sell a product of your choice. Embellish it with your own images and content. The three screens are as follows:

  • Home page with the products available for sale
  • An about page with a minimum 150 word article which tells the viewer about the web store.
  • A third page of your choosing.
  • The three pages are linked together.


Alternatively, you may use an online website development tool like WordPress or Wix to create your website. Both have free options and can be a good alternative if you do not have access to Dreamweaver. Please remember to publish the website OR you can give me the user name and password to access your website.


If you have an existing eCommerce website, you may also use that for the course. Make sure you are comfortable making changes to the site at least for the purposes of the course.


The e-commerce website should contain the following items:

  • A minimum of 5 products with product images
  • A product description for each product
  • A price displayed for each product
  • A banner for the website showing the logo
  • An add to cart or buy now button should be added to each product. Note: You do not need to the button to be connected to a shopping cart for the course. You just need to display the button.


The website should use good design standards, which includes the following:

  • Colors selected are suitable for the target audience and the product.
  • Images are of good quality.
  • Fonts are consistent and readable by the average viewer.
  • The layout and structure of the website is logical and has good flow.


Submit a 1-page Executive Summary document for grading that includes:

  • The website URL
  • A brief discussion of the business you would like to develop.
  • A discussion of 2 to 3 features and functionality needed to support e-commerce.


Save the website files to a ZIP file or provide a URL to the website in your Word document and submit the Word document.


Submit your assignment.


WEB 436 Week 2 Individual Assignment E-Commerce Revision
Modify the e-commerce website you developed in Week 1 to incorporate at 3 social networks.

  • The icon for each social network should be inserted on each page of the website.
  • The placement of the social network icon should be placed in a manner that is visible to the viewer, but does not overwhelm the website.
  • The icon should when clicked go to the social network. If you do not have a page on the social network, the icon should go to the main page of the social network. For example, a Facebook icon should take you to You do not need to create an account on the social network.


Create a 1- to 2-page document for grading that includes:

  • The website URL
  • A discussion and justification of the social networks you chose, including why you chose each network for this business.


Save the website files to a ZIP file. If you are using an existing eCommerce website or a tool such as WordPress or Wix, you can submit the Word document with the URL of the website.


Submit your assignment.


WEB 436 Week 3 Individual Assignment Online Content 

Modify the e-commerce website you developed in Weeks 1 and 2 to incorporate at least 1 video, and 1 other form of online content such as a blog post, podcast, or eBook. You should incorporate any feedback received in weeks 1 and 2 into the website design.


Submit a 1- to 2-page document for grading that includes:

  • The website URL
  • A discussion and justification of the modifications you made to incorporate online content.
  • An explanation as how this could be adapted for mobile delivery.


Save the website files to a ZIP file or provide the URL for the online website in the Word document.


Submit your assignment.


WEB 436 Week 4 Individual Assignment Online Communities 

Find three online communities of interest to you that fit the following community types. You should have 1 general community, 1 interest based social network, and 1 affinity community.

  • General community
  • Interest-based social network
  • Affinity community


Create a 1- to 2-page paper for grading that includes:

  • Identifies the community and which category the community falls into.
  • The website URLs of the the communities you selected.
  • A discussion of the benefits of each of the communities and how you intend to utilize these communities going forward.


Note: You do not need to select communities that fits the website that you developed in weeks 1 through 3. Look for communities that will help you reach your personal goals.


WEB 436 Week 5 Individual Assignment The Future of M-Commerce
Create a 6- to 8-screen wire frame for an m-commerce app that you might find on a smartphone in the year 2030. Use your imagination to come up with a creative, futuristic app that also might include social networking, online communities, B2B, B2C, and other concepts covered in this class.


You can learn more about creating a wire frame in the 1st Website Designer website article titled "15 Beautiful Examples of Mobile App Wireframes".


The wire frame can be created using the following:

  • Hand-sketch and scan
  • Microsoft®Word or PowerPoint®
  • A drawing tool that generates JPEG files
  • A tool such as, exporting your wireframe to a PDF file: Alternatively, use a tool in the classroom desktop for prototyping purposes.


Submit your assignment.

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