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WEB 240 Week 1 Individual Assignment HTML5 Basics

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WEB 240 Week 1 Individual Assignment HTML5 Basics


Instructions: Using the course software and Week One Template as a starting point, create a new HTML webpage and include the following:   

  • Write the code to display your name in the largest-size heading element.
  • Write the markup language code for an unordered list to display the days of the week.
  • Write the markup language code for an ordered list that uses uppercase letters to order the items. This ordered list will display the following: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
•  Modify the following code snippet to indicate that the bolded text has strong importance: <p>A diagram of the organization of a website is called a <b>site map</b> or <b>storyboard</b>. Creating the <b>site map</b> is one of the initial steps in developing a website </p> Submit your HTML file to the Assignment Files tab.

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