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Strayer BUS 409 Compensation Management Quiz 9 Chapter 12&13 Answers

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Strayer BUS 409 Compensation Management Quiz 9 Chapter 12&13 Answers

This is the difference between the stock price at the time of purchase and the lower stock price at the time an executive receives the stock option
This refers to the sale of stock by the stockholder.

The IRS considers Sylvia to be a highly compensated employee for Beautiful Pictures, Inc., which means she has at least one of which of the following qualifications in the preceding year?

Which of the following are the two main components of current core compensation?

Restricted stock generally allows the executives ownership of the stock after how many years?

This type of executive bonus plan is similar to the appraisal system used to determine merit increases for non-executive employees.

As the vice-president, Sheila will receive short-term incentive compensation awards based on which two conditions?

Under SEC rules, which of the following is true?

Under the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), banks with financial assistance from the federal government can only deduct how much annually for an executive's pay as a business expense?

After the recent merger of ABC and XYZ Airlines, the former CFO of XYZ Airlines, John, lost his employment in the newly merged airline. Which compensation agreement extends pay and benefits for John?

The recently appointed CEO of XYZ Inc. uses a luxury summerhouse owned by the company for rest and relaxation with his family as well as a place to invite important clients before a lucrative business deal. XYZ Inc. also provides a membership to an exclusive country club to its CEO. These kinds of benefits offered to CEOs are called

When he became CEO, Duane was given a stock option that does not require him to exercise his options in order to receive income. Which plan is it?

What was the median annual earnings for all U.S. civilian workers in 2009?

What is the term used when a company offers stock to its employees?

In 2009, the average CEO earned how much more annually than the average food service worker?

Who is responsible for compensating on-call employees?

Who has the authority to define a "year of service" for pension protection purposes?

John is offered to be an adjunct faculty for a semester to teach a statistics class in place of a professor who is on a sabbatical leave. This example represents which of the following?

How many days will Jamal have to work to complete a "year of service"?

This type of telecommuting involves executives who travel extensively and maintain control over projects through the use of telephones, faxes, and e-mail.

The safe harbor rule requires that the contingent worker be covered by whose pension plan?

A worker considered part-time is working less than how many hours in a week?

Most contingent workers were employed as what, in 2005?

For part-time employees to be eligible to be in a company's retirement plan, which two qualifications must be met?

Which type of contingent worker is most likely to be involved in a job sharing arrangement?

ARAMARK providing cafeteria service workers to a client company is an example of the utilization of which type of employees?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not monitor pay levels for which type of temporary workers?

According to the most recent data as of this book's publishing, what percentage of the U.S. civilian labor force did contingent and flextime-schedule employees comprise?

An employee living in which place would benefit most from telecommuting due to minimizing expenses and commute time?

According to the safe harbor rules, leased employees can make up no more than what percentage of your company's total workforce?

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