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Strayer BUS 409 Compensation Management Quiz 3 Chapter 3 Answers

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Strayer BUS 409 Compensation Management Quiz 3 Chapter 3 Answers

This occurs when a rater generalizes good performance behavior in one aspect of the job to all aspects of the job.
In 2011, employees were expected to earn average merit increases of what percent?

Among the various performance appraisal techniques, this appraisal system is the most defensible in court because it is based on actual observable job performance behaviors.

A manager in a company gives higher performance appraisal rating to employees whose children attend the same elementary school as his/her children than employees without any children. What kind of rater error was made by the manager?

The halo effect and similar-to-me effects are considered examples of which type of rating error?

With these errors, supervisors tend to rate employees' performances lower than they would be if compared against objective criteria.

Who determines the particular objectives in a management by objectives (MBO) appraisal system?

Which pay system is most widely used in America today?

Jack works at an auto dealer as a sales professional. At the beginning of every year, he and his supervisor determine objectives for Jack together, which are tied to corporate objectives. One of the objectives is related to the customer satisfaction. Jack always remains in contact with customers to whom he sold cars even after six months following the sale. His performance appraisal partially depends on the customer satisfaction survey results. What kind of performance appraisal method does this auto dealer use for Jack?

Which of the following is based on the human capital theory?

XYZ Company ranks its employees from the best performer to the poorest performer and the employee with the best performance receives the highest ranking. What type of performance appraisal method is used by this company?

This type of behavioral performance appraisal system requires the review of past performance behaviors and outcomes in order to identify them as either successful or unsuccessful.

If an employee is rated as outstanding on her leadership ability she was probably rated using which appraisal system?

This performance appraisal system is based on employees and supervisors identifying on-the-job behaviors and behavioral outcomes that distinguish successful from unsuccessful performances.

This term is defined as added pay for employees who have reached the maximum of a pay grade and who are unlikely to move into higher grades.

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