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Strayer BUS 409 Compensation Management Quiz 2 Chapter 2 Answers

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Strayer BUS 409 Compensation Management Quiz 2 Chapter 2 Answers

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) applies to companies that employ at least how many workers?
These programs granted income to workers who were unable to work due to injuries sustained while on the job.

This law makes it illegal to discriminate against people with physical and mental disabilities both within and outside employment settings, including public transportation, public accommodations, and employment.

This provision mandates that federal government agencies take affirmative action in providing jobs for individuals with disabilities.

Which branch of the federal government is responsible for interpreting laws?

This act strengthened the Equal Pay Act of 1963 by now requiring employers to show that pay disparities are job related rather than sex-based. This act also prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who share their salary information.

What are the revised guidelines introduced in 2004 for determining whether jobs are exempt from FLSA overtime pay provisions called?

This type of bargaining occurs when unions shift from bargaining for large pay increases to simply bargaining for greater job security.

Jennifer works as a clerk in a company. The essential function of her job is producing memoranda using word processing software. If she develops crippling arthritis, which act requires her employer to make reasonable accommodations such as providing a voice-recognition input device?

Title VII and ADEA do not protect federal government employees. Which one of the following executive orders and/or laws gives similar protection to federal government employees?

Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution made it illegal to restrict the freedom of religion, speech, and press, as well as protect the right of people to peacefully assemble?

A policy that applies to all company employees, but unintentionally hurts a protected group disproportionately would be what form of discrimination?

The "equal benefit or equal cost principle" is part of which Act?

Construction contractors, working on government contracts valued at more than $2,000, must pay their laborers and mechanics what type of local area based wage according to the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931?

Melissa has been working in XYZ Company for the last 8 years. She got a very attractive job offer from another company in the same industry and decided to leave her current company. She is one hundred percent vested. Which of the following acts guarantees that she cannot lose the pension benefits after she leaves her job in XYZ Company?

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