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Strayer BUS 407 Week 1-11 Discussions Answers

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Strayer BUS 407 Week 1-11 Discussions Answers\n\nWeek 1\n\nOrganizational Performance" Please respond to the following: Based on the Taormina scenario, infer two potential needs that are present within the company, and then determine the best course of action to take in order to address an Organization Gap Performance (OGP).\n\nWEEK 2 Organizational Development (OD) and Strategy" Please respond to the following:\n\nAppraise the importance of the OD field in terms of its benefits in increasing business performance.\n\nCompare and contrast the three internal levels of change and resistance, and then conclude which level would be the most difficult to address. Justify your rationale with specific examples.\n\nWEEK 3 Understanding Learning" Please respond to the following: Analyze two (2) of the four (4) consequences of behavior, and illustrate an incidence where a combination of those two (2) would occur together.\n\nBased on the Taormina scenario, evaluate the influence of motivation as it applies to the learning experience.\n\nWEEK 4 Based on the Taormina scenario, evaluate the significance of a needs analysis in terms of addressing business performance.\n\n \n\nWEEK 5 "Design Theory" Please respond to the following:\n\nSelect one task and provide a one-sentence demonstration explaining how you would take the chosen task through Gagne-Briggs’ Nine Events.\n\n* Based on the scenario, prepare a brief training cost analysis for a training program of your choice, including estimated time requirements for each task and relating those time requirements to the overall cost you have identified for the project.\n\nWeek 6 Discussion "Training Methods" Please respond to the following:\n\nAnalyze two to three specific benefits that students/trainees can derive from the addition of audiovisual enhancements to traditional training methods. \n\nWEEK 7 DISCUSSION "Implementation of the Training" Please respond to the following:\n\n*From the Taormina scenario, outline a plan for a one-day training program that follows the Experiential Learning Model.\n\nWEEK 8 DISCUSSION "Return on Investment (ROI) and Cost Analysis" Please respond to the following: Imagine it is your task to calculate ROI for a hypothetical training program. Determine one key element that would factor into your calculation of ROI, and identify the aspect(s) of your hypothetical program that would make the element applicable and your calculation accurate.\n\nWEEK 9 Based on the Taormina scenario, select one of the four key areas of training, and assess the likelihood of the training that you selected contributing to the enhancement of business development through increased ROI.\n\nWEEK 10 "Employees’ Development" Please respond to the following: Assess the benefits of two types of development activities that would affect employee performance within a management training program (i.e. what are two activities that would be beneficial to include in a manager training workshop and why).\n\nFrom the Taormina scenario, determine two effects of employee development (i.e. what can happen when we invest in the development of employees?)\n\n

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