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Strayer BUS 407 Chapter 11 Quiz 8 Answers

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Strayer BUS 407 Chapter 11 Quiz 8 Answers

____ refer to the mental abilities required to analyze and diagnose complex situations and make appropriate decisions.
Which of the following is an effective way of determining a manager’s style, traits, and ability to interact effectively with others?

For a market leader the technology tends to be _____and the design _____.

For a cost leader, decision making tends to be _____ and the design _____.

What management style emphasizes goal setting and high-performance expectations for subordinates?

____ are qualities of the manager as a person

Conceptual knowledge is related to

Integrating strategy and managerial characteristics suggests that when comparing market leaders and cost leaders in terms of supportive style

Management development programs focus on developing all of the following EXCEPT

Action learning is

Mintzberg identified three types of managerial roles that managers took on. They were

What management style emphasizes involving subordinates in decision making, particularly in how they go about achieving their task?

_____ knowledge and skills are also called human skills

What management style is characterized by friendliness, as well as empathy and concern for meeting employees’ needs?

Which of the following is a strategy for developing mid- to upper-level managers and executives that isn’t used for other employees?

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