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Much of the galactose in our diet is found in
During the inflammatory phase of diverticulitis, treatment includes antibiotics and a diet that is
Which of the following foods has the highest glycemic index?
An increased fiber intake within recommended guidelines may
Humans can digest a carbohydrate if the glucose bond is
Why is excess sugar consumption discouraged?
If no glucose is available from dietary carbohydrate, glucose in the blood may be derived from
Which of the following dietary fibers are classified as soluble fibers?
The energy value of dietary carbohydrates is _____ kcal per gram.
Which of the following population groups is at lowest risk of diabetes?
Persons with diabetes can never eat sugar.
Indigestible carbohydrates play a role in promoting bowel health and preventing obesity.
Saliva contains an enzyme called maltase that aids in the breakdown of maltose in the mouth.
High-density lipoproteins function in lipid transport by
Which of the following is a risk factor for heart disease?
Lingual lipase breaks down
Margarine is usually made by a process called ________, in which hydrogen atoms are added to double covalent bonds in the polyunsaturated fatty acids found in vegetable oils.
Immediately after a meal, newly digested and absorbed dietary fats appear in the lymph, and then the blood, as a part of which of the following?
Which of the following fats and oils provides the most polyunsaturated fatty acids?
LDL clearance in the plasma is mediated via the ______ receptor.
Which is correct regarding trans fatty acids
The ____ pathway for LDL uptake is a means by which LDL contributes to plaque formation in blood vessels.
High blood levels of HDL are protective against heart disease.
Lecithin and bile are examples of emulsifiers.
Americans eat more omega-3 fatty acids than omega-6 fatty acids.

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