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Which of the following statements is true?
Because of the success of commercial insurers, non-profit insurers have
Compared to US citizens, Canadians have
Any system that controls costs through closely monitoring the decisions of health care providers is known as
Which of the following has played the greatest role in contributing to rising health care costs in the United States?
The Affordable Care Act
The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Health care in the United States is more expensive than in other developed nations because
To control health care costs, the British health care system has encouraged
If the United States adopted the Canadian health care system, it is likely that
Which of the following can make it difficult to control a nation’s health care costs?
Compared to the United States, Canada has
Prices for prescription drugs have soared because of
The backlash against health care reform in the United States in part reflects
Which of the following countries does not guarantee health care to its citizens?
Life expectancy in Mexico is
Health outcomes in the Democratic Republic of Congo are
The health care system in Germany can best be described as
The factor that has most helped Canada to restrain the costs of health care is the
Commercial insurers were able to offer lower premiums to individuals than did Blue Cross or Blue Shield because the commercial insurers

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