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Which of the following is/are true?
Which of the following illustrates blaming the victim?
Whether an individual will seek diagnosis once symptoms appear depends on
US physicians:
Use of alternative therapies
Alternative therapies
A woman who uses a wheelchair and wears a “Crip Pride” button is engaging in
Over the last few decades, the prevalence of disabilities has
The health belief model
Films such as The Nightmare on Elm Street and Peter Pan
Defining disability in terms of impairments
The process of responding to symptoms and deciding whether to seek diagnosis and treatment is referred to as
About what percentage of Americans has a disability?
Chronic pain is more common among which of the following?
Someone who wins wheelchair marathons to prove he is no different from others despite his disability is
Which of the following statements is true?
Someone who points out that persons with polio would be far less disabled if sidewalks were constructed with wheelchair users in mind is
The Americans with Disabilities Act
The most common underlying reason for dis

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