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Which of the following is one of the rules given in your textbook for fair fighting?
Which of the following aspects of marital relations does NOT contribute to success and stability?
This custom originally symbolized the abduction of the daughter who would not willingly leave her father's house.
The stage in the family life cycle when parents find they are home alone after children have moved out is termed __________ by family sociologists.
Which of the following is associated with male communication styles?
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest engagement was __________ years.
Which of the following is associated with happy marriages?
Married men are more likely to __________ than their unmarried counterparts.
Which of the following is a function of an engagement period?
What type of marriage, by definition, emphasizes practicality over emotional intensity?
The concept of "His and Her Marriage" is attributed to who?
Which of the following is a positive aspect of telecommuting?
What was the 2008 median income for all U.S. households?
Couples are most likely to lie about what?
Approximately what percentage of U.S. government employees are unionized?
The Family and Medical Leave Act was passed in what year?
The founder and CEO of American Apparel does what?
In which year was the US poverty rate for elderly the HIGHEST?
”Discouraged workers” are also called what?
Trailing spouses are__________.
Poverty rates are lowest for families of which racial/ethnic category?
Children constitute approximately what percentage of the American homeless?
What percentage of men think it’s acceptable for women to propose to men?
Which of the following categories of managerial and professional workers earns the most?
Which of the following is NOT a recommendation made by your text for juggling competing demands in dual-earner families?
The text argues that the “silent treatment” does what?
Which of the following does your text specifically identify as being one of the two biggest reasons for homelessness?
Which of the following examples constitutes sexual harassment?
When communicating, a partners who rejects their partner’s suggestion and inserts one of their own is doing what?
The Family Medical Leave Act __________ include(s) elder care.
The percentage of commuter marriages ___________ in the early 2000s.
By definition, the growth and spread of investment, trade, production, communication, and new technology around the world is what?
Unemployment rates include which of the following categories of workers?
The term "feminization of poverty" refers to __________.
What is the reason most people give in response to the survey question of, “ Why did you decide to get married rather than just live together”?
Which of the following best meets the definition of a two-person single career?
Which of the following countries offers 16 or more weeks of paid maternity leave?
National data show that a marriage lasts longer in which case?
Which of the following statements about poverty is TRUE?
The physical or mental activity that accomplishes or produces something, either goods or services, is called what?

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