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A household made up of a wife, a husband, and their biological or adopted children is called a(n) __________.
Analysis of data that have been collected by someone else is called __________.
Which of the following is an example of fictive kin?
Which of the following is an example of fictive kin?
Approximately what percent of Americans attend a family reunion every year?
The term "baby boomer" refers to __________.
Rules which forbid sexual intercourse between close blood relatives are called __________.
For 19th century "true women," what was "worse than death"?
The Great Depression occurred between what years?
Compared to 1940 rates, divorce rates in 1946 had __________ after the Second World War
Which of the following happened in the immediate post-World War II years?
Slavery was abolished in what year?
What perspective is based on the premise that people tend to maximize their rewards and minimize their costs in relationships?
Research has found that self-help books and articles can create which of the following problems?
The largest populations of African-Americans are concentrated in the __________ part of the US.
Which perspective examines the ways in which groups disagree and struggle over power and compete for scarce resources (such as wealth and prestige)?
Which of the following is a myth about American families?
Exosystems are associated with which of the following theoretical perspectives?
Which of the following is TRUE about feminism?
Family researchers sometimes use group interviews that target a specific topic in research just as marketing companies traditionally use. What are these group interviews called?
”The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan was published in what year?
Technological innovations are categorized by your textbook as __________ influences on the family.
In colonial families, what percentage of all children died before their first birthday?
By the time European settlers arrived, approximately how many American Indians were living in North America
During the 1950s, approximately what percentage of mothers held paying jobs outside the home?
Which of the following statements regarding the Great Depression is TRUE?
Why are theories and research on marriage and the family important in our everyday lives?
In the south, most slave women worked __________.
The term “wellderly” refers to elderly people doing what?
According to structural-functional theory, the family functions best when the husband carries out the __________ role and the wife carries out the __________ role.
The New England custom in which a young man and woman, both fully dressed, spent the night in a bed together, separated by a wooden board was called __________.
According to which theory are people attracted to prospective partners who they believe will provide them with the best possible "deal" in terms of rewards and costs within a relationship?
In what ways can family myths be functional?
In polyandry, __________.
Approximately how many distinct Native American languages are still spoken?
Which group of immigrants largely arrived in the US during the first great wave of Industrial immigration between 1830-1882?
In what year did the US enter World War II?
What percentage of North American Indian tribes were matrilineal?
The fathers of nearly __________ children were killed during World War II.
Who conducted controversial research on human sexuality during the 1940s and 1950s?

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