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In comparison to coding the manifest content of communication, coding the latent content
Which of the following levels of measurement(s) may be employed in content analysis?
You are interested in doing a content analysis on the characteristics people seek in a partner by examining the personals section of three newspapers. Your unit of analysis is:
The categories used in content analysis should be
After examining the FBI Crime Reports for a 30-year period, Professor Hall claimed that the incidence of rape has increased. After examining the same reports, Professor Shine claimed that the reporting of rape, not the incidence of rape, has increased. This illustrates
An example of unobtrusive data collection is(are)
The adage that you must walk a mile in another person's shoes before you can understand the views and feelings of that person is similar to the sociological concept(s) of
In which of the following analyses is content analysis LEAST likely to be useful?
Professor Jenner was interested in using Census Bureau data to examine the trend in unemployment rates in the United States. However, Jenner's definition of unemployment did not match the one used by the Census Bureau. Jenner was dealing with the issue of
Using existing statistics, Professor Ford finds that areas with low median incomes tend to have higher crime rates than areas with high median incomes. Ford concludes that poor people are more likely to commit crimes than high income people. Ford is
Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding comparative and historical research?
Thomas is concerned that in his content analysis he is misclassifying observations to support his emerging hypothesis. He turns to you for help. Which of the following suggestions would be POOR advice?
According to Berg, which of the following statements is FALSE regarding negative case testing?
Which of the following is(are) FALSE regarding time-series designs?
Pregnant women planning to deliver their baby in hospital A were given a poison control test. After the delivery of their baby, the new moms attended a two hour training session on poison control. One week later, at the baby's one-week check-up exam, the new moms retook the poison control test. Located in the same city, pregnant women planning to deliver their baby in hospital B were given a poison control test. One week later, at the baby's one-week check-up exam, these new moms retook the poison control test. What design is being used?
Creating new measures for variables in evaluation research has the advantage of
You examined the IQ scores of children at several high schools. You finally select two high schools where the children appear similar in terms of IQ scores, family income, family religion, and the like. You match two classes from each grade (9 to 12) from each high school. In one high school you plan to offer a course on study skills in the selected classes and in the other high school you plan to have students follow their "normal" curriculum. After obtaining permission from the principals, parents, and children to do your research, you arrive at the first school to begin the study skills class. You find that the classes you had selected are on field trips and that the principal assigned a different class at the same grade level to you. This illustrates the problem(s) of
Professor Simon was asked to evaluate the effectiveness of a parenting seminar. After accepting the job, Professor Simon's first question(s) was(were) probably
The national speed limit in the United States was reduced to 55 mph in 1974. Proponents and critics of this legislation have looked at the number of traffic fatalities on major U.S. highways (e.g., I-90, I-65, I-75) for the years preceding and following this legislation. Sonny examined the traffic fatalities on each of the major U.S. highways for every year from 1968 to 2005. Sonny used a:
Professor Henley is interested in comparing the use of the legal system in different countries. Henley examines the number of arrests per 1,000 population, the number of jury trials per 1,000 court cases, the number of lawyers per capita, and the number of people incarcerated per 1,000 population. Henley is doing
In a study that examined whether the use of mediation in divorces resulted in "fairer" settlements, the intervention is
Rebecca was hired to determine what types of recreational programs teenagers wanted and would use in the town of Methods, U.S.A. Rebecca was hired to conduct a
For the last 15 years Jenny tracked the divorce and marriage rates in the United States. Jenny is doing a
Which of the following statements about the Sabido methodology is FALSE?
Social indicators research combines

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