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An advantage(s) of field research is(are)
Dr. Fielding is interested in the stratification system in the United States and how it is perpetuated through time. Fielding decides to examine the experiences of minority students who seek college counseling in high school. He interviews minority students in four high schools to learn whether their personal experiences tell him something about stratification in the U.S. After interviewing the minority students Fielding interviews non-minority students, school administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, parents, and social workers at the same four high schools.. Fielding is probably using a/an________________ approach.
In comparison to experiments and surveys, field research has
According to Michael Burawoy, which of the following statements is TRUE?
Which of the following is POOR advice for recording observations in the field?
Grounded theory begins with
Sara wanted to learn about battered women. She entered the world of a battered women's shelter and lived with the women in order to fully learn about the views of these women. She wanted to write a detailed and accurate description about the lives that the women reported. Which of the following approaches best describes Sara's research paradigm?
According to an ethnomethodologist, the women at the shelter that Sara from the prior question studied, were
A(n) is a study that focuses on giving detailed and accurate description rather than explanation
Jenny wants to do research that tells the stories of rape victims. She wants to tell "their stories" the way they "really are." Jenny is using a paradigm.
Which of the following is the best example of a breaching experiment?
Professor Miller planned to tape six focus groups to examine citizens' attitudes toward park development. As a research methods student, you told Miller that an advantage of the focus group method is(are) that
Which of the following is not part of grounded theory?
Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of focus groups?
Jamie asks women about their personal experiences in the labor market in order to uncover the power relations that govern those experiences. What paradigm is Jamie using?
The qualitative field research interview is typically
Case studies should NOT be used for
Which of the following is FALSE regarding qualitative field research?
_______ combines a naturalist approach with a positivist concern for a "systematic set of procedures" in doing qualitative research.
Ralph wants to study juries and more specifically what forepersons do on juries. According to Lofland and his colleagues, Ralph is most interested in studying:
Jessica is concerned with the problem of reactivity in her study of a local diet group. Which of the following is NOT one of her reactivity concerns?
Which of the following statements is(are) FALSE about participatory action research(PAR)?
Researchers who assume the role of the complete participant are unlikely to affect what they are studying.
Focus group participants are typically selected via probability samples.
Field research typically alternates between deduction and induction.

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