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According to Babbie, the coefficient of reproducibility for a Guttman scale should be at least:
A friend of yours is trying to develop an index to reproduce respondents' patterns of responses. You tell your friend to:
Likert scales are designed to be____________in measurement.
Which of the following statements is(are) NOT be applicable to typologies?
Using Likert-type scale items, Professor Wong developed an index to assess job morale. Wong administered the index to 2,000 workers and found that 1 to 4 responses were missing on each of the items. Wong could:
The following items measure the extent to which Americans are willing to associate with extraterrestrials. 1. It's OK if my child marries an extraterrestrial. 2. It's OK to have an extraterrestrial for a friend. 3. It's OK to have an extraterrestrial living on the block. 4. It's OK to have an extraterrestrial living in my state. These items illustrate a:
Professor Swanson developed an index of marital happiness. Several items in Swanson's questionnaire were not part of the index (i.e., "How many serious quarrels or arguments have you had with your spouse in the past year?") Swanson compared the index scores of marital happiness with these questions. Swanson was doing:
A _____ summarizes the intersection of two or more variables.
Jeremy includes items that measure sexism in his index of gender roles. He does this because he believes the two variables are empirically related. As a methodology student, you should tell Jeremy:
A Thurstone scale was constructed to measure creativity. The scale scores ranged from 1 to 13. If the scale was properly constructed we could conclude that:
Periodicity is particularly important in:
In terms of probability theory, the standard error is valuable because:
Nonprobability sampling:
In general, as sample size increases:
You are doing research on hospital personnel-orderlies, technicians, nurses, and doctors. You want to be sure you draw a sample that has cases in each of the personnel categories. You want to use probability sampling. An appropriate strategy would be:
Stratifying a population prior to drawing a sample:
A sampling interval of 5 was used to select a sample from a population of 1000. How many elements are to be in the sample?
Probability samples are advantageous to the researcher because:
A summary description of a given variable in a survey sample is called a:
Every kth element in a list is chosen for inclusion in the sample in:
If a field researcher wanted to learn a political organization's pattern of recruitment over time, the researcher might begin by interviewing a fairly recent recruit and ask who introduced that person to the organization. Then the researcher might interview the person named and ask who introduced that person to the political organization. This would be an example of
Statistical computations assume that you have done:
A study population is:
Which of the following statements about informants is FALSE?
Tammy wants to do a telephone survey and she turns to you for help. Which of the following statements would mislead her?

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