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Americans have a "holy" feeling about beef-eating because:
Tibetans bypass their lactose-intolerance in adulthood by the cultural practice known as:
Believing that milk is "the perfect food" is an excellent example of:
A sociologist has studied the impact of family meals together on lower divorce rates. The positive impact on youth includes:
Across all cultures, humans are most likely to share food with:
Food sharing within a social group helped our ancestors survive. In foraging societies food sharing was handled in what way?
Changing one's religion, or embracing new dietary rules for health reasons, may generate strong negative responses from family members, because:
Sociologists study food and culture because:
Providing cheese for the Japanese tsunami victims of 2011 would not be a good idea because:
Sociologists study cultural dos and don'ts like the American obsession with beef because
High-fat foods are common in family bonding meals because:
Which food(s) do NOT give the "savory" taste?
The most likely reason for a sensory organ in the human body that makes us crave fat and think that it "tastes good" is because
Stopping what you're doing to give a leaving or returning family member a hug, a kiss or a query about their day has been linked with:
Which early hominin food practice has been theorized to have been associated with brain-size expansion, development of language and early social organization:

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