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A good example of postmodern theory in practice can be seen in:
Poststructural theories emerged mainly as a critique of:
According to ___________ (a theorist) knowledge is never separate from power but is instead a specific means for exercising power
During his early works, Baudrillard was influenced by Marx, which led him to develop a critique of:
Postmodern theorists, most importantly Boudrillard, developed a set of ideas that was critical of ___________ because it was believed to create false needs and result in the fusion of identities to commodities.
French Structuralism is rooted in the underlying structures governing:
The term semiotics refers to the study of:
Ferdinand de Saussure's concept of parole refers to:
Foucault's key concern regarding Panoptical technologies was:
Structuralism sees disorder and chaos in language, while the poststructuralist sees order and stability.
Foucault thought that archaeology was a good method for:
Foucault argued that part of the taken-for-granted operating procedures for social institutions include:
Baudrillard was heavily influenced by George Homans.
Lyotard argued that what is considered "knowledge" depends on its translatability into rational systems of knowledge.
Lyotard's premise in his "mercantilization of knowledge" thesis was that the postmodern era prevents knowledge from becoming:

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