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According to Berger and Luckmann, it is through ____________ that human life becomes coherent, meaningful, and continuous.
Berger and Luckmann identify two types of socialization based on the extent to which individuals are active and conscious of the process of internalization. Which type of socialization is acquired in a more conscious way?
The main difference between Phenomenology and Ethnomethodolgy is their relationship to:
Garfinkel's method for identifying the building blocks of everyday interaction was to formulate ________ ___________ that disrupt normal procedures in order to expose them.
___________________ was the founder of ethnomethodology.
Which of the following is the term that ethnomethodologists use to describe the ways in which social actors explain specific situations?
Phenomenologists claim that the language we learn and the social structures within which we live provide us with:
Phenomenology and Ethnomethodology focus on:
With which of the following statements would an ethnomethodologist agree?
Phenomenologists use this term to refer to the fact that we share the same consciousness with other people __________________
According to Alfred Schutz, typification is vital to the accomplishment of social life.
Berger and Luckmann refer to the process by which human activity and society attain the character of objectivity as:
Ethnomethodologists are more interested in how actors assure each other that meaning is shared than the actual meaning structures themselves.
The main difference between phenomenology and ethnomethodology:
Roles may be reified in the same manner as institutions.

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