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In general, Exchange Theory characterizes individuals as _________ _________ who use their resources to optimize their rewards.
According to Homans, ________ ________ may be one of the conditions of group equilibrium.
Blumer's symbolic interactionist approach drew mainly from the works of:
_______ _______ are described as an internal dialog of words and actions whose meanings are shared by all those involved in a social act.
According to Blumer, it is during the process of _____________ that meanings are created and responses carried out.
According to Goffman, _________ _________ is the fundamental dynamic underlying social interaction.
George Homans argues that all behavior can be explained by ____________ principles.
Which of the following is NOT one of Homans's propositions?
According to Blau, most human pleasures have their roots in:
Unlike rational choice theorists, exchange theorists view the actor as a rational, purposive agent motivated by maximizing rewards.
George Herbert Mead's work was influenced by which of the following two approaches?
At the center of symbolic interactionism is Mead's view of:
Mead refers to ____________ as the basic mechanism in a social act.
Which of the following is NOT a criticism of symbolic interactionism?
Sheldon Stryker proposed a micro-macro integrative goal for symbolic interactionism. What did he see as most fundamental in realizing this goal?

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