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Georg Simmel is best known as a(n):
Which of the following was NOT one of Simmel's basic concerns?
Fashion invites both ___________ and ___________.
According to Simmel, the small town was characterized by a blasé and reserved attitude, whereas the modern city is characterized by a greater emotionality that matches the creativity of urban life.
Art, science, philosophy, and technology are all examples of ____________ culture.
More-life is characterized by:
At times Simmel equated society with:
Next to Weber, Simmel is the most systematic of the classical thinkers.
According to Simmel, the sociologist's task is to:
According to Simmel, the _______ is likely to develop an independent group structure.
What affect does a large group have on an individual?
According to Simmel, even in the most oppressive form of domination, subordinates have at least some degree of personal freedom.
In essence Simmel believed that structures like the state, the clan, the city, and the trade union turn out to be crystallizations of social interaction, even though they may attain autonomy and permanency and confront the individual as if they were alien powers.
In Simmel's view, people produce culture:
Simmel saw the significance of ______________ declining as money transactions become an increasingly important part of society and as reified structures expand.
The money economy creates increasingly __________ relations among people.
___________ is defined as the condition in which one person has the intention of hiding something while the other person is seeking to reveal something that is hidden.
According to Simmel, we have a series of different __________ based on such things as common intellectual pursuits, religion, and shared experiences.
What is the logical opposite of secrecy?
The stranger is a type of actor who is simultaneously too close and too far.
Instead of Weber's image of an "iron cage" from which there is no escape, Simmel had a view of the future closer to Marx's revolutionary optimism.
Today, Simmel's work is regarded as:
Simmel associates the secret with the decline of religious morality in modern society.
Simmel thought that in the impersonal relationships characteristic of modern objectified society, confidence as a form of interaction is becoming increasingly rare.
Among early American sociologists, _______ was the best known of the classical sociological theorists.

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