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Which of the following statements best describes interactionist perspective(s) on deviance?
According to Edwin Lemert, how is society involved in the deviance process?
Which of the following is true of William Chambliss’ research on the Saints and the Roughnecks?
How did Howard Becker’s research contribute to understanding of deviance?
A nurse regularly brings a six pack of beer to work and consumes it over his shift, brushing his teeth to keep his breath clean. According to Goffman, what kind of behavior is he engaging in?
Most college students represent which type of person in Merton’s typology of deviance?
Which of the following represent strain according to new interpretations of strain theory?
Which theory of deviance tries to explain why individuals do not commit crime?
In high school, Janet rarely got involved in smoking or drinking. In college, Janet found some friends who spent most of their off time consuming large amounts of alcohol and other drugs. Soon, she did the same and did not know anyone who did not spend their time that way. Which theory best explains Janet’s behavior given this limited amount of information?
Which of the following theories interprets the responses of others as the most significant factor in understanding how deviant behavior is created and sustained?
Which of the following forces are associated with putting aspects of social life, including mental illness, under the boundaries of medical professionals?
Which social theorist applied role theory to understanding the sick?
What kind of stressors do college students typically report?
Manuel’s job loss really did not bother him because he did not like his boss, however, he really started getting anxious when he stopped getting his paycheck. In this example, the effect of job loss on anxiety is ________ by loss of income.
How can minority status impact mental health ratings?
Which of the following coping strategies emphasize patients’ attempts to rebel against asylum staff?
Jenna Howard found that those with more social and fiscal capital were able to?
According to Marcussen (2005), research on the relationship between marital status and psychological well-being consistently demonstrates that marriage is
Marcussen’s study (2003) of differences in mental health outcomes between married and cohabiting couples finds that the married individuals
Even though most research demonstrates that women engage in less criminal behavior than males, the study by Zimmerman and Messner (2010) found that

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