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What part of the self-concept is mastery?
According to Mead, which aspect of our self is out in public, constantly processing new information related to the self?
Being a Canadian applies to which aspect of our identity?
According to identity theory, how does society impact our sense of self?
Which theory examines the role of emotions in identity processes?
Which theory is primarily associated with presentation of identities?
According to dramaturgical sociology, what area of identity is associated with hanging out with friends while watching television?
Which of the following has the strongest impact on self-esteem?
What is the best way to build a child’s sense of mastery or efficacy?
What category is most often used among modern college students taking the Twenty-Statements Test?
Which of the following groups report the lowest levels of self-esteem?
How did Joanne Nagel explain the increase in the number of people identifying themselves as “American Indian” when the birth rates stayed the same?
According to social identity theory, when do we allow our group memberships to influence our own behavior and judge other people’s behavior?
According to social identity theory, which of the following social situations would make your identity as a democratic leader on campus most relevant?
The use of narratives and personal-stories is important to the process of:
The core principle of identity control theory is:
According to Erving Goffman, impression management is the process of:
According to Khanna and Johnson (2010), biracial individuals use a variety of strategies to “do race” including
According to Patricia Adler and Peter Adler, the “gloried self”
Patricia Adler and Peter Adler found that that the athletes they studied paid a price for becoming gloried in the form of

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