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The development of symbolic interactionism stems from which philosophical tradition or traditions?
Which social theorists are most associated with the concept of the social construction of reality?
Daniel started to believe that a friend at work is really a spy from another company, leading him to avoid interactions with that person as much as possible. Ultimately, he treats all interactions with her as suspect, making him reluctant to share any work-related information with her. Which of the following best explains Daniel’s behavior?
Professor Jackson is studying the meaning of “goodness” using a survey of public attitudes toward the topic. Which school of symbolic interaction is she most likely using in her research?
Role theory is associated with which perspective in sociological social psychology?
Networks are important to the study of the effects of society on individuals’ thoughts, feelings, and behavior because
Franklin did not think much about how the economy or society affects his life until he lost his job. Franklin’s change in attitude about the economy best reflects which principle from the social structure and personality perspective?
In the previous question, Franklin’s internal processesing of his job loss best represents which principle from the social structure and personality perspective?
After Donna cheated on her most recent exam, she starts to feel a sense of guilt, making her reconsider whether she wants to do it again. Donna’s feelings of guilt can be considered a _________ according to the social structure and personality perspective, leading her to rethink her future behaviors.
The difference between dyads and triads is important because:
Questin 11 A group of friends getting together for dinner represents a ________ group while a group of people at your work represents a ________ group?
How are social theories and hypothesis related to one another?
Samantha started a research project predicting that men would be more supportive of using military forces to go to war than women. In this case, ‘attitudes toward going to war’ is what kind of variable?
Which of the following types of samples is considered most representative of any given population?
You are studying student attitudes toward tobacco and alcohol consumption using a series of items in which respondents were asked to respond using categories ranging from 1 ‘Strongly agree’ to 4 ‘Strongly disagree’. These items represent which type of variable?
Which of the following methods is MOST likely to show causation?
Research conducted by interviews, participant observations and ethnographies is referred to as what kind of research?
Social scientists must always be concerned with ___________ and ___________ to accurately capture the phenomena in questions.
A researcher wants to explore the connection between college campus drinking and sexual assault nation-wide. The most effective method of measurement would be:
Sociologist Alicia D. Cast suggests that indiv

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