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How can macrosociological perspectives be used to study individual-, micro-level interactions?
Tasha wanted to study the effects of population size on individuals’ decision to commit suicide. Which social psychological perspective is she most likely to use?
Which macrosociological perspective views society as social systems composed of parts that serve to keep the system working properly?
A comparison of suicide rates across countries is more likely to be the study of _____.
Structural functionalism is associated with ________ while the conflict perspective is associated with ________.
Adam started noticing that kids from the upper classes tend to get accepted at better colleges than the kids from the middle and lower classes. His analysis probably comes from which macrosociological perspective?
Sociological social psychology is different from psychological social psychology because:
Social psychology is the systematic study of individual thoughts, feelings, and behavior in a social context. Which of the following social contexts are more likely to be studied by sociologists than psychologists?
The field of sociology was first defined by:
What year was the term sociology coined?
Which early sociologists emphasized the role of society in the development of the self?
Which sociological social psychology perspective emphasizes the role of meaning and the social construction of meaning in the study of social psychology?
Which sociological social psychology perspective is likely to emphasize the importance of roles and statuses in the study of social psychology?
Which sociological social psychology perspective is likely to emphasize the importance of interactions within groups?
The sociological imagination is associated with which social theorists?
The expectation to look someone in the eye when talking with them refers to a _____.
Derrick’s job as a supervisor refers to his relative ________ in the company while the expectations for how to behave on the job refers to his ________.
Which institution regulates sexual relations and childrearing in society?
According to Oldmeadow, Platow, Foddy, and Anderson (2003), social status is one of the main determinants of an individual’s ability to influence others in a variety of social situations. As an example of people of high social status, who tend to be influential in many social situations because of the expectation that they are competent at a variety of tasks they give the example of:
A country’s flag represents which element of culture?

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