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1. Federal law requires all sentenced federal drug offenders to serve at least __________ of their imposed sentence.

2. Tougher sentencing has __________ the availability of drugs, __________ to reduce illicit drug use.

3. __________ developed the theory of anomie.

4. According to Roberts (1991), public health facilities and private doctors are ten times more inclined to turn in pregnant __________ women than pregnant white women who use drugs.

5. According to the research of Gail Unterberger (1989), alcoholic women are __________ likely to suffer from depression than their male counterparts and may turn their anger __________ rather than __________.

6. Edwin Sutherland proposed the theory of __________ to explain how we learn specific behaviors and norms from the groups we have contact with.

7. __________ refers to the use of any drug or medication for a reason other than which it was intended or in a manner or in quantities other than directed which can lead to clinically significant impairment or distress.

8. Which of the following was not identified as a symptom of alcoholism in your textbook?

9. Which of the following groups has the lowest adult alcohol drinking rate in the United States?

10. According to research, __________ adolescent minorities have the lowest rates of drinking alcohol, while __________ adolescent minorities have the highest rates of drinking alcohol.

11. Sociologist Edwin Lemert proposed that deviance is a process, beginning with primary deviance which arises out of a variety of __________ factors.

12. According to William Chambliss’, “The Saints and Roughnecks” study, the rate of delinquency was:

13. Henry Brownstein (2001. argued that __________ matter(s. in our perception and conceptualization of criminals and crime.

14. Interactionists attempt to explain how deviance or criminal behavior:

15. The __________ publishes the Uniform Crime Report.

16. The Uniform Crime Report summarizes which of the following categories of crime?

17. Index crimes include __________, while non-index crimes include __________.

18. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Clock is:

19. The National Crime Victimization Survey reports about all the following except:

20. The victimization rate for crimes of violence was __________ in 2010.

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