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The geologic era in which animals with hard shells first appeared is the
According to Wegener's model, what evidence, left by glaciers, supports the existence of Pangaea?
The plates 'floating' on the asthenosphere is a condition called ______ which is similar to wood floating on water.
A hypothesis develops into a theory if it is repeatedly proven through further testing.
What term best describes the driving force behind plate tectonics?
The _______ plate is located off of Vancouver Island and is currently separating from the Pacific Plate.
If you see a vertical magmatic intrusion embedded in horizontal layers of sedimentary rocks, which principle will help you determine the relative age of the intrusion?
For the block diagram below, what stratigraphic principle allowed you to determine the relative age of the intrusion and the stratigraphic sequence labeled 1?
The relative ages of the different rock units, in the section of the Grand Canyon shown below, can be determined based on:
The Mid-Ocean Ridge is the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean.
The evolution of life progressed from marine invertebrates to fish, amphibians, and reptiles during the _________ Era.
For the block diagram below, what type of unconformity is labeled as 2?
For the block diagram below, what type of unconformity is labeled as 1?
Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur primarily along plate margins.
What is the depth of this newly forming Hawaiian island, Loihi?
An unconformity is a gap in the stratigraphic sequence.
For the stratigraphic section of the Grand Canyon depicted in the photograph below, which rock unit is youngest?
In the stratigraphic sequence of the Grand Canyon, depicted below, the contact between the Muav Limestone and the overlying Redwall Limestone spans two missing periods of geologic time. The contact between these two stratigraphic units represents a(n)
The gently sloping land at the edge of the continent is called the _______.
As rocks cool, they become denser and sink.
Which type of plate boundary results from two plates moving apart?
What was the name of the floral fossils Wegener used for the idea of continental drift?
In the figure below, the north magnetic pole for North America 200 million years ago was located in modern day _______
Our best estimate for the age of the Earth is _____. (Hint- pay attention to units in the answer choices!)
The genus Australopithecus evolved from the genus Homo.

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