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Who discovered the atomic theory?
Past observations establish which aspect of the scientific method?
The standard SI unit for length is:
In the thermometer shown below, assume that the end of the red line you see is located halfway between the measurement marks. Which is the correct way to report the temperature?
How many significant figures will be in the final answer of this calculation?
`What is the value of 62 °C in °F?
True or False: In a chemical change, the matter changes its overall composition.
`Suppose I wanted to increase the temperature of H2O from 30.0 C to 55.0 C. How much heat in kJ would I need to add to a 100.0 g sample of H2O to acheive this?
`How should someone classify grape juice?
How many calories are in 25 Calories?
`IN YOUR OWN WORDS, who was John Dalton, and why is he so important to chemistry? What did he "discover" that is so central to our study of chemistry? Explain why it is important.
`My wife and I always argue about the temperature in our house. I like it at 294.0 K, while she likes to set the thermostat to 300.0 degrees K. As we take turns constantly changing the setting, our poor heating and cooling system tries to keep up. I argue that it causes us to waste money. My living room contains 50 kg of air. In the summer time, I pay about $0.14 per kWh of energy used. How much does it cost me every time we heat the air in the living room from 294.00 K to 300 K? (HINT: How many kWh does it take?) The heat capacity of our air is 1.01 J/(gC)

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