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1) A poll is planned to determine what proportion of all students favor an increase in fees to support a new track and field stadium. A questionnaire will be published and the first 1000 completed questionnaires will be analyzed. Which of the following errors will be associated with the sample?
A. Sampling errors and errors due to selection bias
B. Sampling errors only
C. Errors due to interviewer bias and selection bias
D. Only non-sampling errors
2) When every member of a population has the chance of being selected based on the probability, or frequency, of its representation in that population, you are using which type of sampling?
A. Census sample
B. Convenience sample
C. Random sample
D. Quota sample
3) A recent study of breast cancer revealed that 13% of the women in the sample used antibiotics more than 500 days in their lifetime. Further, 79% of these “heavy antibiotics users” developed breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, one in twelve women will develop breast cancer at some time in her life. Of the numbers mentioned, which are parameters?
A. 13% and 79%
B. 79% and one in twelve
C. 13% and one in twelve
D. 79% and 500 days
4) Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an ideal statistician?
A. Technically current (e.g. software)
B. Can deal with imperfect information
C. Communicates well (both written and oral)
D. Adapts answers to client desires
5) Which of the following is an example of statistical inference?
A. Counting the number of patients who file malpractice suits after being discharged from hospitals in New York State.
B. Calculating the amount of fly spray needed for your orchard next season.
C. Calculating the mean number of fruit trees damaged by Mediterranean fruit flies in California last year.
D. Calculating the mean age of patients discharged from hospitals in New York State in 1997.
6) Which of the following statements is NOT true?
A. Scientific progress consists of continual refinement of theories through hypothesis testing.
B. A statistical test may be significant yet have no practical importance.
C. Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data.
D. Estimating parameters is an important aspect of descriptive statistics.
7) A __________ can be defined as a logically conjectured relationship between two or more variables expressed in the form of a testable statement.
A. research design
B. theoretical framework
C. research problem
D. hypothesis
8) The manipulation of the independent variable is known as the ________.
A. experimental test
B. validity
C. randomization
D. treatment

9) Which of the following is NOT a potential source of survey error?
A. Systemic error
B. Selection bias
C. Nonresponse bias
D. Sampling error
10) Which of these is NOT an acceptable type of survey question?
A. leading question
B. ranking questions
C. pictograms
D. Likert scale
11) Which of the following is NOT a basic step in conducting a survey?
A. Develop a budget
B. State the goals
C. Secure financing for the survey
D. Create a research design
12) Which of the following is NOT an ethical concern for the statistical researcher?
A. Conceal financial support
B. Maintain data accuracy
C. Accurate reporting of procedures
D. Accepted procedures are followed
13) Which of the following is not an ethical concern for the statistical researcher?
A. Cite sources
B. Inhumane treatment of animals
C. Manipulation of data
D. Privacy of privacy
14) Which of the following is NOT an ethical concern for the statistical researcher?
A. Monetary compensation
B. Protection of confidentiality
C. Informed consent
D. Use of sound methodology
15) A supermarket has determined that daily demand for eggs has a bell-shaped distribution, with a mean of 55 cartons and a standard deviation of six cartons. If the supermarket begins each morning with a stock of 61 cartons of eggs, approximately what percentage of days will there be a surplus of eggs?
A. ˜84%
B. ˜16%
C. ˜68%
D. ˜18%
Textbook Price Number of Textbooks
$25 to $35 2
35 to 45 16
45 to 55 5
55 to 65 7
65 to 75 20

Estimate the standard deviation of the price of a textbook.
A. 729.00
B. 14.03
C. 196.78
D. 33.85
17) A child was born into the Doe family each year for five consecutive years. What is the variance of the ages of the Doe children?
A. 2.5
B. 1.4
C. 2.0
D. 4.6
18) Which measurement uses absolute values?
A. interval scale
B. ratio correct
C. harmonic scale
D. ordinal scale
19) Identify the scale which has no meaningful zero.
A. ratio
B. nominal
C. interval
D. ordinal
20) Which of these measurement scales has a rank order associated with its use?
A. Likert
B. Ratio
C. Nominal
D. Ordinal

21) The Information Commons in the main library has 150 personal computers. The probability that any one of them will require repair on a given day is 0.02. To find the probability that exactly 25 of the computers will require repair, one would use what type of probability distribution?
A. Hypergeometric distribution
B. Normal distribution
C. Poisson distribution
D. Binomial distribution
22) The local police department must write, on average, 5 tickets a day to keep department revenues at budgeted levels. Suppose the number of tickets written per day follows a Poisson distribution with a mean of 5.5 tickets per day. Interpret the value of the mean.
A. The mean cannot be interpreted.
B. If we sampled all days, the arithmetic average or expected number of tickets written would be 5.5 tickets per day.
C. Half of the days have less than 5.5 tickets written and half of the days have more than 5.5 tickets written
D. The number of tickets written most often is 5.5 tickets per day
23) Which of the following is a characteristic of every binomial distribution?
A. The outcome of a trial depends on the number of trials.
B. Each outcome is mutually exclusive.
C. The probability of success increases from trial to trial.
D. Each outcome is dependent on the previous outcome.
24) The Big Red Arcade and Pizza Palace caters to young teens and sells tokens to play arcade games for 25¢ each and slices of pizza for 50¢ each. The following table details the distribution of sales of pizza slices per customer and sales of arcade tokens per customer.
# Slices of Pizza 0 1 2 3 4 5
Probability 0.05 0.10 0.20 0.30 0.15 0.20

# Arcade Games 0 1 2 3 4 5
Probability 0.01 0.04 0.15 0.20 0.25 0.35

What is the total expected per-customer revenue for pizza slice sales and arcade token sales?
A. $1.34
B. $2.42
C. $2.60
D. $6.69
25) A popular restaurant recently asked 300 customers how may times per month they ate steak for dinner. The results were used to build the following probability distribution:
x 0 1 2 3 4 or more
P(x) 0.05 0.10 0.20 0.30 0.15

The probability that a customer eats steak for dinner less than 3 times a month is
A. .15
B. .30
C. .50
D. .45
26) Trudy Jones recently completed her certification examination and learned that her z-score was –2.5. The examining board also informed her that a failure to pass would be all scores that were 1 or more standard deviations below the mean and that those with scores higher than 2 standard deviations above the mean would receive a special commendation award. Trudy can, therefore, conclude that she
A. passed the exam, but no commendation award is forthcoming
B. passed the exam and will receive a special commendation award
C. needs more data to determine if she passed the exam
D. failed the exam

27) The expected value of the sampling distribution of the sample mean equals the population mean
A. for all populations.
B. when the population size N > 30.
C. when the population is symmetric.
D. when the population is normally distributed.
28) The use of the student’s t distribution requires which of the following assumptions?
A. The sample is drawn from a positively skewed distribution
B. The population is normal
C. The population variance is known
D. The sample size is greater than 30
29) A random variable follows the student’s t distribution. The probability that it will be positive is
A. 0
B. 0.05
C. less than 0.50.
D. 1
30) A study of 200 insomniacs paid for by the Serta Mattress Company found that the average insomniac counted 350 sheep before falling asleep, with a standard deviation of 120. An insomniac is a person who has difficulty falling asleep. Some useful numbers might be:
=NORMSINV(0.89) 1.2265
=NORMSINV(0.945) 1.5982
=TINV(0.89,199) 0.1385
=TINV(0.11,199) 1.6053
=TINV(0.055,199) 1.9302

Calculate an 89% confidence interval for the true mean number of sheep counted by insomniacs.
A. 350±16.38
B. 350±13.56
C. 350±13.62
D. 350±10.41
31) Ceteris paribus, which is narrower, a 95% confidence interval with n=100 or a 99% confidence interval with n=30?
A. Need the margin of error to tell
B. The 99% confidence interval
C. They are the same width.
D. The 95% confidence interval
32) A random sample of 25 observations is selected from a normally distributed population. The sample variance is 10. In the 95% confidence interval for the population variance, the upper limit will be
A. 19.353
B. 6.097
C. 17.331
D. 17.110

33) When no point lies outside the control limits of a chart, we conclude that variation in the process is
A. due to common cause and there is not enough evidence to infer that the process is out of control.
B. due to special causes and there is enough evidence to infer that the process is under control.
C. due to common cause and there is enough evidence to infer that the process is out of control.
D. due to special causes and there is not enough evidence to infer that the process is out of control.
34) When a change has occurred in the mean of the process distribution, the result is referred to as
A. a trend.
B. instability.
C. a cycle.
D. a level shift.
35) In statistical process control, a Type I error occurs if we decide that the process is
A. out of control when it is out of control.
B. out of control when it is under control.
C. under control when it is under control.
D. under control when it is out of control.

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