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RDG 420 Week 5 Individual Integrated Reading Unit

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RDG 420 Week 5 Individual Integrated Reading Unit

Complete the Signature Assignment: Integrated Reading Unit*.

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Integrated Reading Unit

Design a two-week reading unit for an identified elementary grade level that concentrates on a core book or an author, incorporates appropriate technology, and integrates one of the following major subject areas: mathematics, science, social studies, the arts (visual and performing), physical education, or health education. The reading unit consists of four sections: unit introduction, resources toolkit, lesson planning, and reflection. You will develop five lesson plans for this unit. Use APA formatting.
Each lesson plan should include the following:

Materials: Identify and provide as appropriate the materials and instructional resources needed for the teacher and students. Resources may include technology, handouts, guest speakers, etc. Describe how the materials support and enhance the lesson.

Instructional approach: Provide a detailed outline of the lesson based on the following:
Set the stage for learning
Lesson delivery and guided practice


Independent practice
Lesson Assessments: Design a formative assessment for each lesson and a summative assessment for the entire unit.

RDG 420 Week 5 Individual Integrated Reading Unit

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