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In the journal article authored by Mittal and Walker (2007),__________ adolescents were considered at risk for psychosis, and of that number _________ participants converted to an Axis I psychosis over the _________ -year period.
According to Mittal and Walker (2007), neurocircuitry implicated in psychotic symptoms may be shared by:
Of interest to Mittal and Walker (2007) is the prediction of ______________ by assessing movement abnormalities.
Mittal and Walker (2007) assert the present findings support the theory that hyperkinesis and psychotic symptoms share neural mechanisms.
Consistent with the Mitall and Walker (2007 findings, the group that converted to Axis I psychosis exhibited significantly more movement in:
The human brain probably consists of about _________________ neurons, each with about ________________ connections.
A neurostransmitter involved in reinforcement and chemical addiction is:
A biological signal involving both chemical reactions and electrical shifts is called:
An example of a drug action used to treat anxiety is called:
Treating a symptom of mental disorder with psychotropic medication will generally treat the cause as well.
Autistic children may have ______________ of anterior areas of the brain and __________________ of posterior areas.
The quality of maternal care may affect the development of the _______________________ system.
Schizophrenia is typically diagnosed between that ages of _______ and _______ years.
Examples of positive symptoms of schizophrenia include:
An individual who hears voices, reflects feelings of persecution, and with flattened affect may be diagnosed as:
Describe the effects of genetic abnormalities affecting dopamine activity in relationship to the development of schizophrenia.
Describe your observation of behavior of an individual in the prodromal phase of schizophrenia. What could you expect to see?

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