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Filtered cigarettes _______.
In the 1998 tobacco settlement, tobacco corporations agreed to _______.
The caffeine content of a 5-ounce cup of coffee is about _____ milligrams, with instant coffee having _______.
Compared to white smokers, African-American smokers _______.
John is a smoker. He just finished his last cigarette about six hours ago. Which of the following symptoms is John most likely to encounter?
One of the strategies in marketing cigarettes to women was the claim that they could be _______.
According to the University of Michigan survey, the peak years when smokers start to smoke are _______.
Smoking cessation _______.
Environmental tobacco smoke _______.
The World Health Organization estimates that, in the twentieth century, _____ million people died prematurely of tobacco-related diseases.
Caffeine consumption in young people can aid in the treatment of _______.
Caffeine from a cup of coffee or tea is absorbed _______.
The ingestion of highly caffeinated energy drinks mixed with alcohol _____
The total xanthine content of a one-ounce piece of chocolate is roughly equivalent to _______.
All of the following effects are observed as a result of caffeine withdrawal EXCEPT for _______.
About 60 milligrams of nicotine _______.
The most striking cases in which caffeine improves performance are in tasks _______.
Each day, _____ people in the United States die as a result of cigarette smoking.
Adenosine produces all of the following effects except _______.
Currently, caffeine consumption is suspected to be linked to

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