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The reason why cocaine has such extreme effects on the heart is due to __________.
A kindling effect ______________.
All four categories of narcotic drugs share the following common feature: __________________.
The synaptic effect of cocaine is to __________.
The stimulant properties of amphetamines were considered superior to those of cocaine because amphetamines __________.
It was originally thought that oxycodone (brand name: OxyContin) was ________.
Heavy methamphetamine users have shown changes in the brain commonly associated with __________.
A major side effect of stimulant medication (e.g., Ritalin) treatment for ADHD is _______.
The behavioral features of amphetamine psychosis is highly similar to __________.
Which of the following CANNOT be said about the meth epidemic?
Which statement is NOT true?
Which statement concerning opium use in the nineteenth century is NOT true?
Which of the following statements is true?
Prior to the eighteenth century, the Chinese used opium almost exclusively as a treatment for __________.
While opening the doors to a new population of heroin abusers, heroin smoking avoids the problem of __________.
Medical professionals recommend that a cocaine abuser wishing to quit should _______.
The impact of the Harrison Act encourage opiate abusers to obtain opiates _____________.
The euphoric effects of amphetamines result from changes in _______.
If you were to order the following from strongest to least strong, it would be __________.
A major development related to heroin abuse in the United States in the late 1960s was ________.

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