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What is needed so a person can focus on a specific stimulus in the environment?
The physiological level of analysis involves the relationship between
Cognitive influences affect which level of analysis
The "S" in the Weber fraction stands for
Fechner's psychophysical methods
The major dependent variable used in the visual search method is
The theory that accounts for response criterion in a a detection experiment is
Our perception of the environment depends on
The individual associated with postulating the doctrine of specific nerve energies is
The principle that specific functions are served by specific cortical areas is called
The three major parts of a neuron are
At the beginning of the action potential, _________ions flow from outside the nerve fiber into the nerve fiber.
As stimulus intensity increased, recording from a single neuron shows
Which of the following methods are used to measure the quantitative relationship between the stimulus and perception?
Which of the following is not a category of the stages in the perceptual process?

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