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PSY 205 Week 4 Individual Assignment Week 4 Participation

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PSY 205  Week 4 Individual Assignment Week 4 Participation

Instructions: Participate in discussion. Refer to the Academic Policies, Instructor Policies, and any Instructor Announcements for information on participation requirements for this class.


For full participation credit during participation weeks, students are required to contribute eight substantive discussion messages on at least three different days during the online week on any Learning Activity. Students may meet these requirements in a variety of patterns and are not restricted to posting two messages per day.


The discussion messages have no minimum word requirement. My main requirement is that they be substantive and move our discussion along. Simply writing "I agree" would not be considered substantive. Also, please keep in mind that any information that comes from another source and is used in your discussion message should be cited/referenced in APA style.

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