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PRG 218 Week 4 Individual Assignment OO Basics

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PRG 218 Week 4 Individual Assignment OO Basics

Instructions: Carefully examine the code in Program 13-15, "Implementing the Class," in Section 13.13, "Focus on Problem Solving and Program Design: An OOP Case Study," in Ch. 13, "Introduction to Classes," of Starting Out with C++ From Control Structures Through Objects. Answer the following four questions in a Microsoft® Word document:   

  1. On what line number(s) is the Account class instantiated?
  2. Is the Account class declared in the code in Program 13-15? If not, where is the Account class declared and how do you know this?
  3. On what line number(s) is the Account class constructor called?
4.  On what line numbers are Account member functions called? Name the document PRG218_Week4_Worksheet_Your Name.docx. Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab. The Grading Rubric for this assignment is available

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