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PRG 215 Week 1 Individual Assignment Hello, World!

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PRG 215 Week 1 Individual Assignment Hello, World!


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  • (unzip to download source code for this week's Java program)
  • Using NetBeans to Complete Weekly Assignments For this week's programming assignment, you will type, debug, and run the attached Java™ program code. Successfully coding and testing a simple program (sometimes referred to as a "Hello, world!" program) is useful because it gives you practice in the development environment. In other words, completing this assignment will demonstrate that you have successfully downloaded and installed the Java™ development and runtime environments and that you are able to key in source code, compile that source code, run it, and observe the results. After you have successfully coded and tested a simple program, you can focus on syntax, data structures, and other programming concepts. Unzip, download the included PNG file, and use it as the basis for your Java™ program. Refer to the file Using NetBeans to Complete Weekly Assignments if you need help. Zip your source code (JAVA file), as well as a screenshot of the running program, into a ZIP file. Submit the ZIP file using the Assignment Files tab.

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