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POS 410 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Project Plan

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POS 410 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Project Plan


Instructions: Create the Team's project Plan by filling in the details of the Project Plan Template for all tasks to be completed for each week.  Team members need to volunteer for tasks.  Each team member is required to write a portion of the SQL for the team assignment each week. Create the Team Database and name it TeamNameChartOfAccounts. Create a table named Accounts with the following columns:   

  • Account No.
  • Account Type
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Balance


Submission of Individual and Learning Team Assignments For each assignment, make sure that you provide a single MS Word document that contains the following items:    1.  A title page including your name. Your name should also be included in the header of the documents.        1.  For Learning Teams, simply include your team name in the header. However, each team member's name should be on the title page.    2.  All SQL query statements (copy and paste from your query editor). Code is to be manually typed. Due to the large volume of records associated with the Learning Team assignment; the import function may be used.    3.  Copy and paste the results, or provide a screen shot of the resulting views. (Select *)    4.  Results will include the execution status statement results    5.  A short analysis of the query (at least two complete sentences) stating if the query executed as expected Submit your document to the Assignment Files tab.

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