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POS 409 Week 5 Pluralsight Skill IQ C# Skill Assessment

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POS 409 Week 5 Pluralsight Skill IQ C# Skill Assessment


  • Will this code compile? If so, what will it do upon execution?
  • What does the following code illustrate?
  • Which statement describes this line of code?
  • Which syntax example correctly instantiates a Dictionary<TKey, TValue>with initial values?
  • Regarding polymorphism, which statement is true?
  • Which statement describes when a mainmethod is required?
  • Which code snippet demonstrates the correct way to declare a method called WordCount()accepting a parameter data type of string and returning a data type of int?
  • What keyword do you use inside a switch statement to handle any cases not explicitly specified by the case clauses?
  • How might you implement this function so that it tests whether the Hungry flag has been set?
  • Why won't the following line of code compile?
  • What will be the results of the following expression if zerois an int and contains the value 0?
  • What is the main difference between a whileloop and a do .... while loop?
  • Which is a Language Integrated Query (LINQ) query using an extension method with a lambda expression?
  • What is a difference between List<T>and Dictionary<TKey,
  • What is the output message to the console when the following code is executed?

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