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POS 408 Week 4 Individual Assignment Data Structures in a Visual Basic® Program

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POS 408 Week 4 Individual Assignment Data Structures in a Visual Basic® Program


Instructions: Design, implement, test, and debug a Visual Basic®   Windows Forms (WinForm) program program to create an enhanced home utility auditing program based on Week Three, using the exact same list of appliances. The program will display exactly one Form (window) on the screen.


Conform to my published VB coding standards.


The user should be able to accomplish the following:   

  • Export the data in the listing area to an external text file.
  • Replace the default power rating filled in for the selected appliance. The program should do the following:
  • Use arrays or structures where applicable.
  • Read the default power rating for appliances from an external text file.
  • Fill the default power rating into the power rating textbox when an appliance is selected.
  • The user is free to use the provided default power rating that you have filled in, or may change the power rating. If the user chooses to use the default power rating supplied, they may or may not ever go to the power rating textbox; so your code must ensure that the program picks up the value in the power rating textbox, whether or not the user ever goes to that textbox. See the post that explains how to zip your project for grading, and follow the advice for where to locate your programs' data files.


Write the code for the program and test the results. Zip the files of the project together. Submit the zipped file to the Assignment Files tab.

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