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OI 370 Week 3 Learning Team Observing and Networking

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OI 370 Week 3  Learning Team Observing and Networking
Resources: “Observing Skills” video and “Observing Case Study” video located on the student website.
Part 1: Observing
Individually or as a team:
Select an observation location that you believe could shed light on your problem.
Look for answers to the questions you posed in Week Two about Learning Teams.
After observing your problem, have new questions arisen? If so, what are they?
What ideas did you find in your observation?
Part 2: Networking
Individually or as a team:
Discuss your problem and questions with at least three individuals who have no experience with Learning Teams. Select people with fresh eyes, fresh backgrounds, or fresh experiences.
Ask these individuals what questions they would have.
Ask these individuals what ideas they have.
Create a list of new questions and ideas your team has gathered from your observations and networking.

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