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OI 370 Week 3 Individual Assignment Disruptive Innovation

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OI 370 Week 3 Individual Assignment Disruptive Innovation
Review videos from Week Two.
Select an industry that is experiencing a disruptive innovation.
Imagine you are pitching the innovative product to a potential investor or executives of a company.
Come up with creative way to effectively communicate your idea. Some ideas may include (but are not limited to):
Written proposal
Multimedia presentation
Video presentation
Include the following in your pitch:
Explain what the disruptive innovation is in the selected industry.
Explain why you feel it is a disruptive innovation.
How does it differ from the sustaining innovation?
How does the disruptive innovation impact the industry?
Describe a new product or service that will take the lead in the innovation.
How do you know the market will accept the innovation and displace the current product or service?
How will the new innovation position the organization in the market?
According to market norms, how long do you suspect the product or service will last as innovative before becoming sustaining? How long will it enable the organization to remain competitive in the market?
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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