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OI 370 Week 2  Learning Team Assignment Learning Team Concerns
Resources: “Questioning Skills Case Study” video and “Questioning Skills” video
Though a valuable way to collaborate and experience the most from your education, the way University of Phoenix structures Learning Teams can also have issues. A few common concerns are:
Lack of motivation from all team members
Uneven contribution between team members
Individual grades can be affected by team members
Write a 300-word reflection that includes answers and explanations to the following questions:
How would you define the problem?
What questions do you have about the problem?
Which questions are critical? Explain.
Which questions are not critical? Explain.
Which do you need answers to? Why?

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OI 370 Week 3 Individual Assignment Disruptive Innovation
Review videos from Week Two.
Select an industry that is experiencing a disruptive innovation.
Imagine you are pitching the innovative product to a potential investor or executives of a company.
Come up with creative way to effectively communicate your idea. Some ideas may include (but are not limited to):
Written proposal
Multimedia presentation
Video presentation
Include the following in your pitch:
Explain what the disruptive innovation is in the selected industry.
Explain why you feel it is a disruptive innovation.
How does it differ from the sustaining innovation?
How does the disruptive innovation impact the industry?
Describe a new product or service that will take the lead in the innovation.
How do you know the market will accept the innovation and displace the current product or service?
How will the new innovation position the organization in the market?
According to market norms, how long do you suspect the product or service will last as innovative before becoming sustaining? How long will it enable the organization to remain competitive in the market?
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OI 370 Week 3  Learning Team Observing and Networking
Resources: “Observing Skills” video and “Observing Case Study” video located on the student website.
Part 1: Observing
Individually or as a team:
Select an observation location that you believe could shed light on your problem.
Look for answers to the questions you posed in Week Two about Learning Teams.
After observing your problem, have new questions arisen? If so, what are they?
What ideas did you find in your observation?
Part 2: Networking
Individually or as a team:
Discuss your problem and questions with at least three individuals who have no experience with Learning Teams. Select people with fresh eyes, fresh backgrounds, or fresh experiences.
Ask these individuals what questions they would have.
Ask these individuals what ideas they have.
Create a list of new questions and ideas your team has gathered from your observations and networking.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignm
OI 370 Week 4 Individual Assignment Experimenting and Association
Resources: “Experimenting Skills” video and “Associating Skills” video
Experiment individually. Each team member will choose one of the following to do:
Go to a place you are unfamiliar with.
Try something different.
Take something apart.
Conduct an experiment.
Make a prototype.
Post your experiment along with notes you have taken in the Learning Team forum. Each Learning Team member will add one comment, question, or association to every team member’s notes.
Reflect on the information your team has gathered over the past weeks through questioning, observing, networking, and experimenting. Make associations to the problem by considering the following questions:
What was surprising about the information you collected?
Is there any association between the information and the problem your team is working on?
What new ideas do you now have for your team’s problem?
Create a solution to the Learning Team problem using the information your team has gathered over the past weeks.
Describe your solution in a 350 to 700 word paper, making sure to justify why this solution will work. Consider including graphic organizers to help illustrate your idea.

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OI 370 Week 5 Individual Assignment Innovative Capabilities
Develop strategies to increase your current or prior organization’s innovative capabilities through people, processes, and philosophies.
Write a 1050- to 1400-word proposal to senior management that includes the following:
What are the organization’s current innovative capabilities? Evaluate these in terms of people, processes, and philosophy.
What processes would you recommend to your senior management team to increase your organization’s innovative capabilities?
What philosophy and culture should your organization establish to encourage innovation?
What obstacles do you foresee in strategies you have proposed? How to overcome?
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OI 370 Week 5  Learning Team Assignment Implementing the Solution
Create a multimedia presentation to explain how your team will implement the solution to the problems that occur in Learning Teams. Address the following in your presentation:
What kind of team will you put together to implement your solution?
What roles do the individuals on the team need to fill?
What skills and background should each role require?
What is the ideal balance between discovery skills and delivery skills for the implementation team?
What obstacles do you foresee having to overcome?
How will you measure your solution’s successfulness?
What is your plan if it doesn’t work?
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