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NTC 405 Week 1 Individual Assignment Networking Protocols and Port Numbers
Resources: SkillSoft (2013). CompTIA Network+ 2012: Networking Concepts Part 2.
Complete the Networking Protocols and Port Numbers module in Skillport.
Write a memo to a business manager that is not familiar with network communication. Describe the role of protocols in network communication.
Answer the following in the memo in 200 to 300 words each:
What widely used networking protocols support or make possible video calls also known as video teleconferencing? What role does each protocol play in the video call process? Include basic connectivity roles.
What is a troubleshooting model? Describe how you would use a troubleshooting model to resolve a user’s inability to connect to the Internet from a physically connected networked laptop in an office. What protocols are used in this situation to connect a networked laptop to the Internet?
NTC 405 Week 1 DQS
DQ 1
What role do standards play in ensuring smooth communication? What role do protocols play in ensuring communication of data? 
DQ 2
ARPANET is considered the beginning of networking. What was ARPANET and why was it developed? As you strengthen your discussions, consider what other organizations played a role in the development of ARPANET, and what was the purpose behind each of these organizations?
NTC 405 Week 2 Individual Assignment Transmission Methods
Develop a 4- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.
For assistance with this type of assignment, review these resources.
Address the following in your presentation:
Describe the various transmission mediums and explain the best use of each with various examples of business use. 
Identify communications capabilities of each medium and the types of signals that are used for each.
Identify the various protocols that are available for use and provide a recommended standard that should be used as the most efficient communication within a business.
Use outside research to show how these standards have been used in similar companies to explain your choice.
List major points in the slides. Include detailed explanations in the speaker notes section that correlate to each point.
Include videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate.
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
Submit the Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation assignment
NTC 405 Week 2 DQS
DQ 1
Networking signals are sent either through analog or digital methods. What is the difference between the signal types and why is digital being used more frequently today?
DQ 2
Explain with detail and give examples on what is different about serial and parallel transmissions?
NTC 405 Week 3 Individual Assignment Ethernet Switching Modes
Ethernet is a common method of moving packets along a network. Review the Advanced Ethernet Switching modes in your Business Data Networks and Telecommunications textbook.
Write a 4– to 7-page paper describing these modes and how they might be used in today's global network environment.
Include the following in your paper:
Distinguish the basics between channels and circuits.
Explain the concept of Ohm's law and its importance to circuit troubleshooting. 
Compare circuit and packet-switched networks.
Based on your readings, define the network protocols and how they provide safety against communications failure. 
Identify which types of businesses would most benefit from this type of technology.
Provide examples of what currently available systems can be enhanced and where additional opportunities exist.
Explain how the current network architecture equipment can be used or must be upgraded to allow for your recommended uses
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
NTC 405 Week 3 DQS
DQ 1
What is Ohm’s law and how does it apply to circuit troubleshooting?
DQ 2
What differentiates circuit and packet-switched networks? What are some advantages and disadvantages of each?

NTC 405 Week 4 Individual Assignment TCP/IP
Write a 4-7 page paper including the following:
Analyze the current options available for use of TCP/IP and OSI models for businesses.
Research options for improving the current use of TCP/IP and recommend new software and equipment that’s available.
Describe how use of equipment, software, and multiplexing could aid in improving use for communications which would reduce network congestion. 
Use APA formatting for the paper.
NTC 405 Week 4 DQS
DQ 1
From our week 4 electronic reserve readings, Paganini and Mallada (2009) describe the ability of routers using TCP/IP to split traffic to reduce congestion on a network. How does this work and how can it be improved to possibly reduce business costs for communication?
DQ 2
Multiplexers are used to help companies minimize their network communications costs. How do they work and what types of equipment are needed?
NTC 405 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Final Paper and Presentation
Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Final Learning Team Paper and Presentation
Submit the final Learning Team paper and presentation.
NTC 405 Week 5 DQS
DQ 1
What are the main topologies used in computer networks? What are some advantages and disadvantages of each?
DQ 2
What is the role of network operating systems in communication?

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