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NTC 247 Week 4 Individual Assignment Wireless Network Design

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NTC 247 Week 4 Individual Assignment Wireless Network Design


Instructions: Complete all sections of Section 10.4, "Wireless Network Design," in TestOut LabSim®:   

  • 10.4.1 Wireless Network Design
  • 10.4.2 Wireless Antenna Types
  • 10.4.3 Wireless Network Design Facts
  • 10.4.4 Conducting a Wireless Survey
  • 10.4.5 Wireless Site Survey Facts
  • 10.4.6 Design an Indoor Wireless Network
  • 10.4.7 Design an Outdoor Wireless Network
  • 10.4.8 Practice Questions - Section 10.4 Capture a copy of your results for EACH module either by print screen or a snipping tool. Paste into a Microsoft® Word document. Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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