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NSG 513 Week 6 learning Team Assignment Patient Satisfaction

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NSG 513 Week 6 learning Team Assignment   Patient Satisfaction




Because nurses interact with patients more than any other medical

personnel, they play a key role in determining a patient's level of

satisfaction. In most cases, nurses have no control over the internal and

external factors that are the cause of a patient's discontent, nurses are

usually the recipients of the feedback and are expected to make

improvements. In this assignment, your team is to research and assess

the metrics for quality improvement in patient satisfaction.

As a team, identify a quality measure that is common for nurses to face,

but don't have control over. For example, you are a bedside nurse

working in a hospital; one of your patients is expecting to be released

that day. The patient's doctor visits him every day before noon to check

his status. The previous day, he had asked the doctor if he would be

allowed to go home the next day, to which his doctor responded that he

might be able to but it would depend on his progress. The following day,

the patient believed he was going be released by noon, since the doctor

always made his rounds before then. Unfortunately the doctor had an

emergency and wasn't able to check on the patient until later that

evening. Because of the doctor's absence, the patient's perception of

the quality of care he was receiving was distorted by this happening

and reacted by taking his frustration out on the nurse.

Discuss with your team how you would handle the issue that you have

selected. Use the questions below to drive discussion:

  • In what ways would the issue your team identified have a negative

impact on patient satisfaction?

  • Apply two different decision-making models to address the quality

measure to improve patient satisfaction.

  • Which leadership and managerial competencies will promote quality

improvement and organizational outcomes?

  • Identify the strategies that will promote interrelationship between

leadership, excellence, and professional integrity?

  • Which leadership theories, styles, and approaches would a nurse

leader need to employ to be successful in the current health care field

and in the future?

As a team, create 6- to 8-slide presentation using Microsoft®

PowerPoint® or a presentation tool of your choice. Include the following

in your presentation:

  • Illustrate how the quality measure your team selected could

undermine a patient's perception of the quality of care they are


  • Explain your team's strategy to defuse the situation or to keep it from


  • Integrate the conclusions your team came to while discussing the

questions above.

Provide in-text citations and references, on a separate slide, for all

sources cited; format according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your team's assignment.




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