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NSG 513 Week 5 Individual Assignment Wire Diagram

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NSG 513 Week 5 Individual Assignment Wire Diagram


Advancements in technology have made it possible to incorporate

systems within the functions of health care to improve efficiency across

the organization. Integration of functions can be incorporated in the way

inventory is kept, supplies are ordered, how patients are billed, and in

many other areas. Innovation is key because it drives productivity,

reduces mistakes, and increases profitability.

Determine an area within your organization where there is a need for

systems integration -- systems integration that will improve quality care

and outcomes in the organization. Utilize your research from the

Systems Research assignment on integrating processes within an


Create a Wire Diagram of the area needing systems integration.

Illustrate how the processes and functions within the chosen area are

connected and how they can be integrated. You can use any software

program of your choosing to create this diagram.

Note: Refer to Figure 14-4 Wire diagram of health care supply chain

information systems on p. 359 of your textbook.

Write a 525-word summary of your Wire Diagram addressing the


  • Provide a brief description of the system you selected.
  • Explain why the integration is needed and how the system will be

used to improve the organization's processes and quality?

  • Identify the stakeholders that will be effected by the new integration.
  • Determine how to best communicate the integration of the new

product and which empowerment strategies you will use to help staff

buy into the change.

  • Compare and contrast the different roles that leaders and managers

will play in the integration of the new systems.

Provide in-text citations and references for all sources cited; format

according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your Wire Diagram and


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