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NSG 513 Week 4 Individual Assignment Empowerment Model

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NSG 513 Week 4 Individual Assignment Empowerment Model

Review French and Raven's Power Taxonomy and Kelman's Power

and Influence Outcomes on Table 13-3 located on page 331 of your


Develop an Empowerment Model for your organization. Write a 700-

word summary of your model that includes the following:

  • Briefly summarize your findings on how nurses are empowered

through the Magnet Recognition Program.

  • As a nurse leader, what could you do to help your organization to

achieve Magnet designation?

  • What is the meaning of transformational leadership and why is this

form of leadership appropriate for the field of health care?

  • What is relationship between transformational leadership and an

empowered workplace?

  • Identify strategies used by Magnet hospitals that promote the

interrelationship between leadership, excellence, and professional


Create a 4- to 6-slide presentation designed to persuade the CEO and

the board members of your organization that obtaining Magnet

recognition will empower nurses.

Provide in-text citations and references for all sources cited in your

paper and presentation, and format according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your slide presentation and

Empowerment Model.


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